Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FW: Today's Meeting with HMTB

Tena tatou

Today’s meeting with the HMTB representatives was very disappointing.

At the MWG meeting before the arrival of the HMTB representatives, it was agreed to listen to their korero and to then table a draft model of what a joint approach might look like (but which would need final approval from the MWG).

After discussing some preliminary matters with the HMTB representatives, we tabled the attached draft document.

In response, John McEnteer put forward the HMTB’s proposal which was as follows:

  • There be a separate entity to represent “all the people of Hauraki”
  • The entity would comprise:
  • Toko Renata
  • Harry Mikaere
  • John Linstead
  • John McEnteer
  • Russell Karu
  • The entity would also include two “Marutuahu people” but only if they are elected by a postal ballot.

Unsurprisingly, the MWG members in attendance at the meeting were very disappointed with the insulting nature of HMTB proposal and the meeting did not proceed very far at all.

The next step is that the HMTB representatives will consider the draft MWG proposal and advise within the week whether or not there is any common ground.

If the HMTB representatives advise there is nothing more to discuss, the next step would be to urgently meet with the Crown representatives to attempt to agree a MWG process for going forward.

The struggle continues .... kia kaha


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